Days and Days

The days are getting shorter, and you can’t tell me otherwise. I feel it in the wind as she whips by me, calling “hurry! hurry!” I throw her a sideways glance and wonder wistfully at her timing, but of course I know she speaks the truth.

These shorter days fly by as if the sky is falling free, but in truth, the falling is all mine.

It hurts.

I suppose that shouldn’t be a surprise, but pain is always something of a surprise, isn’t it? — the suddenness of it, the reality of it, the longevity, the change in your heart.

When I arrived in Ireland, the month seemed so very long — long enough to BE — long enough to fall in love, although in truth it took only three minutes until I was head over heels for this magical country — again.

And again. Ever again. I’m so not ready to say goodbye.

So tonight I’ll take a walk along the shore, giving the wind her way with me and grabbing as much magic as I can.

See you on the other side.

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