Kitchen Obsessed

Green GoddessBusy, busy, busy day, but I know everyone wants to see my eagerly-awaited Green Goddess, now scheduled to arrive right off the boat from France the week of November 26. Will she be here in time for the Thanksgiving Feast? And what will she cook???? 🙂

Today I met with Karen, my Kitchen Guru, and finalized all the fun details for the cabinet order (which gets smaller with each successive meeting as the cost of each cabinet continues to rise). But hey, they’ll be beautiful, won’t they? We’ve been meeting for about six weeks now during “slow season,” but today the place was positively redundant with kitchen sluts slewn across every stool and horizontal surface, seductively moving their bodies against hard slabs of agate-encrusted counters, cool and curvy copper farm sinks, and even the $40,000 LaCornue Grand Palais 180. I can tell that each has obnoxious ideas about usurping my rightful place in the Cabinet Order Line, so I *will* make my final decisions tomorrow, or the next day at least. Will it be the creme, the buttermilk, or the cottage? Hmmm, cottage, I think. Out of my way, ladies. Gotta have me some inset doors.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Obsessed

  1. No! Still waiting for an exact delivery date, but it’s supposed to be this week. I need to start lining up some hunky men, and maybe even a hunky woman or two, to get her from the driveway to the front porch. Cabinets installed December 10!


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