Mosaic Howl


Apathy Kills . What Does it Mean to Act like a Lady? . No Skin off my Back . Inhumanity . Drugged Up Food .

Silence will not Protect You . Blind Eye . Blatant Abuse . Guns in Schools . Poverty . Not My Problem .

Greed . Genocide . Out of Sight, Out of Mind

This mosaic was created in response to an art show at Ciel Gallery based on protest songs. I loved creating it, as it perfectly ties together my love of folk art and my ever-burgeoning social conscience.

You might notice a bit of errant red paint on the artwork. I could have cleaned it up and opted to leave it as a reminder of the many caught in the crossfire while working for peace.

Italian Smalti, Alphabet Millefiore, and Paua Shell under glass on Wedi Board, by Pam Goode

One thought on “Mosaic Howl

  1. I am glad you are speaking out through your art work. I will tell Aaron that the protest song has influenced you. Consult the muses often and keep working!


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