Halloween Fright

Pumpkin 2007

Vernon carved the most beautiful pumpkin, with stars for freckles, and the out-cuts held high by toothpicks framing the tawny treasure in a star-studded stratosphere. Four short days (one with several hours of drizzle) later, we awoke to a severely shrunken head with the most bewildering black and white fuzzy growth emanating from every orifice, in many spots, quite thickly. Never seen it before, and certainly not on such a hale, hardy, healthy specimen of fruit. It is, however, rather fitting for Scare-Day. Vernon suggested I push it over the balcony railing where it could reside in peace behind the hedges of our crawl space. Umm . . . I don’t think so.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Fright

  1. heavy breathing was heard some months later..the strange loss of the cats seemed a bit strange also….do you think this will cause any problem in the sale of our house?????


  2. Yeah. Carving pumpkins is like building beautiful sand castles or sculpture…..or designing theatre productions. in many ways it had its advantages. You don’t get a bulid up of works that you have nowhere to store.


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