Mosaic Play

I’m having a heck of a time getting the colors to photograph as they appear to the eye. Today I’ll work on a bit more fill and the cutting of more transparent smalti to place around the edges as surf fizz. I’m considering a couple of new titles. The working title is “My Mother Lived and Died,” which works for me. but maybe “Life: In Short.” “An Offering of Soul.” “Journey of the Soul.” “Fragments of a Life.” Or maybe “Even Mothers Die.” We’ll see. Comments welcome.

I have a strong emotional attachment to this piece, and of course that clouds my judgment. Objectively, it’s easy for me to look at it and think it’s just a collection of pretty things arranged in spirals. Not bad as pretty things go, but I’m always looking for more, and I wonder if it’s possible to create the “more” in an emotional piece. Because I don’t look at the art as an art teacher — I look at it with my heart. With no formal art background, it probably takes me a little longer to figure out what goes wrong with a piece. But I’m not one to disparage working intuitively.

2 thoughts on “Mosaic Play

  1. It’s definitely always harder to work on things you have such a strong emotional attachment to. Chances are you might not get to finish it because you’ll never think it’s perfect enough or completely done. Good luck with it, it’s coming along BEAUTIFULLY!


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