New Mosaic

Baby Blues Detail

A new piece, fast, fun, and happy. This one was made for a Tiny Art show and measures only 2″ x 8″ using a leftover scrap of wedi. Materials are millefiori, Italian and Mexican smalti, smalti filati, and glass. I call it “Baby Blues.” Larger image here.

5 thoughts on “New Mosaic

  1. So glad you asked, Ed! Wediboard has a styrofoam base and a cement-and-fiber coating, which makes a perfect substrate for mosaic — relatively lightweight and non-warping. Smalti is hard-fired, handmade glass cut unevenly to reflect light. Smalti filati is enameled glass pulled into thin rods. Millefiori is also Italian, and made from glass rods of different colors rolled together, melted into designs, then sliced into decorative glass rounds. I used Weldbond for this, which is a UPVA glue that strengthens over time, but many also use thinset mortar as the adhesive.


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