Leaving Home on a Morning Walk

Poem and Photo by Pamela Goode

When I walk now,
I gasp a little.

Weak-kneed and queasy,
trusting myself only on this simple
path —
straight and safe and

(we love the known),

but walking,

Sun and breeze a shield of sorts,
holding me together or
(at least)
familiar parts of me
within arm’s

Comfort enough
for now.


c. Pamela Goode 2012

4 thoughts on “Leaving Home on a Morning Walk

  1. I think you’ve discovered what’s had me unsettled for the last few months. The “unknown.” I thought I handled curve balls very well. When life’s basics are okey-dokey, a few unknowns sprinkled here and there can add a little spice and variation. But when one of the substantives goes missing, the ground gets a little shaky.

    Even more unsettling is I can actually DO something to fix this. I just don’t want to. That seems a little crazy to me.

    Thanks for the reality check!


  2. I love this.

    (we love the known), — my favorite part. Sometimes the known is the greatest comfort we can experience, and there’s nothing the least bit wrong with that.


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