A Very Unusual Day

Okay, so it’s Tuesday, and clearly a twofer is indicated. But I ask you, where does it end?

Last night my brother and I sat on the porch looking at stars. I was thrilled to pick out my first red star, Antares, which we easily identified with a handy app on his IPad. Way cool. Making my way around some rocking chairs to approach the railing, both feet caught on a large — very large — wooden door stop attached at an angle on the porch floor. Over I keeled, creating a perfect arc and landing on my face. Banged, scraped, egg-knotted, and bleeding lightly, I clamored up over a rocker and continued the star search, then crawled into bed and emailed Vernon about my starry night.

This morning I happened upon Emma Biggs’ fabulous blog . . . detailing a nearly identical fall, sadly with a great deal more damage than mine (heal quickly Emma!). Then an email from Vernon, startled that the very next communication in his morning queue after my star tale is a slideshow on stars and the Hubble telescope. I then check Facebook. Within my first eight status updates, two mention heading out to the garden, and two more mention picking up a car from the repair shop. Okay, this is getting fun. More fun for me than for Vernon, who is headed off for TWO dental appointments.

I take a long walk on the beach, mulling over whether to turn my eyes upward or toward the sand, composing a few humorous lines about jellyfish carcasses vs the danger of overhead seagulls.

On my way to the farm stand before lunch, I wonder about the tradition of intuitive naming in Native American and Buddhist traditions — at that moment the radio announcer utters the word “Buddhism.”

Back on the beach, I’m getting excited about my thoughts manifesting, and settle back in my chair with closed eyes to follow where my mind leads. I feel a heavy drop of “rain” splash on my right shoulder, and open my eyes to see that the “rain” is white. Okay, 55 years, and I’ve never once been shit on by a seagull, or any bird for that matter, and suddenly it happens less than an hour after I think it?

Now of course I’m wondering why I can’t manifest an art sale or commission . . . when my cell phone rings. It’s a writer out of Minnesota, and she wants to interview me for an article on artists in the SouthEast . . . .

I’m excited about tomorrow.

Oh, and by the way, the dog above is a freebie. I saw him on my beach walk and liked the way he sat on his private island in the sun. I haven’t found the other half of his story yet, but it won’t surprise me.

8 thoughts on “A Very Unusual Day

  1. Thanks everybody! The interview was for
    a “second home” magazine called Cabin Life. I forgot to ask when the publication date is, but she’ll be sending me a couple of copies. She picked me because 1) a previously selected artist “flaked out”, and 2) she liked the name Wild Hair Mosaics. Thank you Google!


  2. You have a very powerful mind, Pam! 🙂
    Mine’s feel a little inadequate at the moment — it took me several minutes to see that dog. All I saw for the longest time was a sand/ocean swirl.
    However the shoulder splat I could “see” right away, and brought me right back 40 years to the day that happened to me at the age of 14!


  3. Speaking of intuitive naming 🙂 here is another one for you—Ken and I were talking about this last night.
    Genesis 2:19 (New International Version)

    19 Now the LORD God had formed out of the ground all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the air. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name. 🙂 Wouldn’t that be fun!


  4. Enjoyable read and reflections as always, Pam. I think we’ve all had strange days like that…Wish you a quick recovery from your spill and a time of renewal at the beach.


  5. Your insights are always inspiring to me. Think: win lottery, share with Donna and friends. LOL!
    Sorry you did a face plant, hope you feel better today!
    Glad you are enjoying the beach. I find a lot of solace in the stars. I hope to navigate by those stars one day…..


  6. i’m torn between : you’re making this up, oh my gosh!, no way!, unreal! and holy shit! lol that is a wild day. think i’ll stick with the last one! : )


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