Open Heart Mosaic

Open Heart Detail

Ta Da! Just finished this one in time to pack up for Mosaic Wonderland in Miami. I didn’t enter a piece for Mosaic Arts International this year, but I did manage to complete a small work for the Mini Salon, where members and guests will have the opportunity to peruse and purchase each other’s art. I wasn’t too worried about saving enough suitcase space for the vendor show this year, because how much space will jeans, a bikini, and an umbrella take up? Plenty of nooks and crannies for twenty pounds of millefiori, yes? But how will I ever find space enough to bring everyone’s artwork home? I know it will be fabulous, and the decisions (which to buy?) torturous. Wish me luck!

Oh yes: the above piece is titled, “Open Heart,” and was inspired by an exhibition on The Art of Love. My interpretation: Just Rip Open Your Heart to the Pure Center, and Bleed Out Love. 8″ x 10″ of Italian, Mexican, and Gold Smalti, with Pottery on wedi, with a three-dimensional heart of thinset, wrapped in rigid wrap to create the ruffled opening in the covering of the heart.

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