A Very Fine Faucet

Steam Valve Trio

Since she doesn’t have the option of hiding in the pantry on bad hair days, the Perfect Kitchen Faucet is decorative as well as functional. I’ve been looking for the impossible, naturally — a European antique-style one-holer with a pull-down spray. While this one doesn’t fit my image of “antique,” it’s retro enough to look old and certainly un-American. Made in England by Steam Valve Original, it features a Very Cool Spray, in my opinion. If you go to the site, you can see a little video of some lettuce spraying. Rather than pulling out or down, the sprayer pulls off. The gooseneck is actually a channel holding the tubing. When you want to sprinkle your berries, just lift out by the nozzle, spray, and replace. I don’t know how well I’ll like this rather novel concept, but I sure like the packaging! The tiny wheel handles are just my speed.

One thought on “A Very Fine Faucet

  1. Now THAT”S a faucet. Good idea to stick it inside the faucet instead of on the side! This will definitelty make “sprinkling berries” easier — tee hee!


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