Mosaic Addict Garden

Grass Mosaic Lady

A garden to live and die for, to sleep and dream in. Our lady of mirrors and grasses was created for the 2006 Chelsea Flower Show in London. Appropriately titled “Garden of Dreams,” it was designed by Chelsea gold medal winner Marney Hall, with Heather Yarrow. The yummy dreamer (who sleeps on her own private island in the garden pond) was sculpted by the brother/sister team of Sue and Peter Hill. I’m a garden nut, and I particularly love the mosses and grasses that grow in tufts across England. I’m also a whimsy nut, so there was never a chance that I wouldn’t fall in love. But in the end, it’s the mosaic face that brings it home. I imagine I’ll wake up like this one day.

Read more about the Garden of Dreams here.

5 thoughts on “Mosaic Addict Garden

  1. hi pam oh this garden sculpture is fabulous, and your reflections on the piece are spot on. i’ve enjoyed reading your other posts as well, you are such a powerful writer and spirit. thanks for visiting my blog too. xo L


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