Coming Home

Fluff my garden
Sweet pink.
Rustle me til all my pollen whirls
And let me water you
With sticky sweetness
Top to toe
In the dew-wet morning.

c. Pamela Goode

Bring on the Lovelies

We’re all suckers for a pretty face, and this spring has worn one of the prettiest ever. Baboo and I combine our (mostly) compatible styles  (I like to buy and place; he likes to buy and dig), and there’s nothing like sipping on the porch engulfed in the glorious scents of the season. Spring, I’ve loved you more than I can say. Summer, bring it on!

Fall Color Wheels

I’ve just returned from a visit with my sister in Virginia, and the October slant of the sun is currently pickling even the lowliest subject matter into a sparkling celebrity in Fall’s Five Minutes of Fame. I’m a snap and run kinda girl, not by nature but by practice, stealing as many shots as I can while companions wait with varying degrees of patience ten paces ahead.

Not every face is lovely, but this one is Beyond Beautiful. Ancient Indian elephant, Wise Woman, patterns of dew-starved earth? Fall colors steal the show, but I’ve always been a sucker for the overlooked.

Marian Shapiro’s Field of Dreams

Marian Shapiro Field of Dreams

Steely cold in Charlotte, forecasts for five days of rat-wet rain in Miami, newly-planted palms shriveling on the porches, bikinis in iminent danger of being tossed from suitcases to allow room for more smalti and perhaps the far more practical Gryphon Grinder, where can I find even the tiniest hint of spring on this 30th day of March, wholly bereft of bunny clouds and beckoning starflowers? Continue reading

Eden at Edisto

Edisto Road

Love or hate The South, it just doesn’t get much lovelier (or haunting, haunted, seductive, or psychically altering) than this. I took the above photograph along a back road on Edisto Island. There’s no resort around the bend; in fact, Edisto Beach doesn’t boast a single hotel. Rent a cottage, a cabin in the woods, or snare a beachfront campsite and stare into these trees for an hour or a day, and tell me your soul hasn’t been abducted, pinned and wriggling to the wall.

Mosaic Addict Garden

Grass Mosaic Lady

A garden to live and die for, to sleep and dream in. Our lady of mirrors and grasses was created for the 2006 Chelsea Flower Show in London. Appropriately titled “Garden of Dreams,” it was designed by Chelsea gold medal winner Marney Hall, with Heather Yarrow. The yummy dreamer (who sleeps on her own private island in the garden pond) Continue reading