Dingle Bells!

I’m just back from two and a half days in and around beautiful Dingle, Ireland and surroundings, and I regret to say that there’s no way I can show you everything. I’ll start out with several of our first stops and will try to keep up with my favorites a few at a time.

I never quite realized that there’s only one way to get to Dingle unless you happen to be driving a large truck or bus. All these years I suspected that my co-travelers were having fun torturing me, but apparently not. So yes, we did the Connor Pass, which is either miraculously gorgeous or head-spinningly dangerous, depending on your tolerance for screaming. The road is long and indeed winding, and the fog! Thick as thieves!

One of the highest mountain passes in Ireland, the path is winding and narrow, and the height is 410 meters (or 1345.13 feet) about sea level. With sheer drops and some roads too narrow for two cars to pass (they’re forced to back up and let one move forward at a time), a lot of people consider it great fun. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s absolutely a standout experience.

Closer to ground level, the sea is everywhere, and much closer to my comfort zone.

Below, you’ll see some of my favorites from Day 1.


Left to Right and Top to Bottom:

1-3 are images from the Connor Pass.

The last six photos are from a beautiful and very secluded beach. Isn’t nature incredible?????

Inspired by a month-long artist residency graciously provided by Olive Stack Gallery, Listowel, Ireland, Day 18

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