French/Swedish Kitchen, Yes!

Corner CabinetThis morning we finally wrestled the last upper cabinet off the right end of the wall and hoisted up the gorgeous cabinet we found last weekend at the local flea market. It’s 6′-6-1/2″ tall, with 24″ sides, and we got it at a hefty discount on closing day. I had seen it a couple of days earlier and squelched my impulse to buy it immediately because, you know, I already have quite a lot of stuff that I had the impulse to buy immediately and later thought better of. So there you go Mom, sometimes my indecision does pay off!

I think it fits beautifully with my French/Swedish theme (is there such a thing?)  and I couldn’t be more excited. I HATE upper cabinets, and this one, intended of course to stand on the floor, works right into my need to use finds in unexpected ways. And because Sweetie collects wine glasses, they’ll be ideal fillers for the upper shelves, under the evening glow of some lights we’ll install later. Sweetie wants to cut the legs down a bit, maybe an inch, so the cabinet will ease beneath the crown moulding and fit flush against the wall. I can go either way on this. Can’t wait to fill it with pretties (and get all of our glasses, etc. off the counters). Now, who wants these lovely but no-longer-needed cabinets???

Still much, much more to do while we wait for the lower cabinets to come in. Remove the tile backsplash and hand-plaster the walls, but I needed the visual to keep the momentum going.

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