Color Me

Fluff my petals, Sweet Pink. Splatter me with color til I’m overfull and drool my yellow footprints smack across the roads. I crave the crazed inanity of a blue-tailed skink, the bite-me brilliance of a psycho-electric bleeding heart, the frivolity of sidewalk elms sporting useless knitted frocks. Color me. Color me to insanity and genius, then wipe me clean and color me some more.

The photos below are from recent walks around Charlotte, mostly in South End. Newspaper Box on Camden Road, Mural Detail by Carlleena Person on Camden Road, Glass at Ciel Gallery, Spinach Wrap at Common Market, Farmer’s Market Veggies, Candy Wrapper Purse (happily mine), Pastels at Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff, Road Kill of a Kinder Kind on East Boulevard, Smiley Face on the Painted Bench at Common Market, you make my days.

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