Community Mosaic Project Gluefest 1

The great thing about mosaic artists is that they just never want to put down the nippers. So what starts out as “just finishing this one little section” ends up with you staring zombie-like across a cup of steaming tea while a Dear One utters words that sound oddly like, “What happened to you? You never came to bed last night?” Hence the Premier Gluefest of Charlotte Art League’s Community Mosaic Project was a howling success, bringing in brand new artists who refused to go home until we had a firm schedule for the next session, which will include lots of energy food for nipping into the wee hours.

And, lest you mistakenly think this is “crafty”, try precision-cutting a piece of hard-bodied high-fired clay with a hand tool. We are possessed. We are also wordy, and captured the attention and imagination of two local bloggers: here and here, as well as a News 14 reporter, who’s headed back to nip a bit herself.

The next workshop and outreach session will be Friday, August 8, from 5:00 Until, Ciel Gallery, 1519 Camden Road, Charlotte, NC. Possession is half the fun.

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