Three-Hour-Mural with Josef Norris


I am not a speed artist. I don’t do anything in three hours, let alone a 9’x12′ wall. The great joy of this class for me was learning to work against my grain, with no time for obsessing, Continue reading

And Many Moons Passed

 Many Moons

. . . As they say. The Enormous Tiny Art Show was a smashing success, raising $3,000 for the Community Mosaic Project. The Project is coming along well, with about 25 artists submitting designs on Art in the Everyday. And the kitchen is about 85% done and totally, unconditionally fabulous. I will, I will be back. I hope to get back to mosaics soon, and will post some pics of all that you’ve missed in the time I’ve been curiously absent. Bad, bad me.

Tiny Art Makes A Big Splash!

Lynx Train 6 Sandra GrayThis magnificent piece of tiny 4″x6″ art was created by Sandra Lynn Gray, an artist with Charlotte Art League. Titled Lynx Blue Line and painted in acrylic, I’m crazy about Continue reading

Call to Artists: Tiny Art

Tiny Art Invite

Charlotte Art League will sponsor an Enormous Tiny Art Show to benefit the Community Mosaic Project in December. Art no larger than 4″ x 6″ in any medium will be enthusiastically accepted, and all donating artists will be named as contributors to the project. What’s in it for you? Continue reading

First Community Mosaic Project Outreach Session

CMP EarthFare

Like a phoenix she rises, ruffled, marginally alert, and not quite ready to fly, having spent the past week drowsing under an ashy avalanche of Calls to Artists, press releases, and silicone-inspired dreams. But today, today we will actually touch tiles. Or at least wet clay. Today, we will have our first Community Mosaic Project Outreach Session. Continue reading