I Can’t Believe I Ate the . . .

It’s cold. Not as cold as it is at my sister’s, with a wind chill in single digits and 49 mph gusts of other-people’s-trash, and not as cold as it is for friends in Edmonton, Alberta, due to hit -25 on Wednesday, and certainly not as cold as the -80 recorded in Alaska in 1971. We won’t even talk about Antarctica, because no one is intended to live in that sort of frozen perpetuity.  But I am cold, nonetheless, and it’s the sort of cold that triggers the hunched-shoulder-body-tensing daylong headaches. Unpleasant for me and a bitchiness-breeder that haunts my husband, but cured rather nicely by hot tea with honey, languid baths, and browsing wildflower catalogues. However, there’s one winter reflex that I find more difficult to control. Continue reading

Over the Top Sho-ko-laht

Vosges ChocolatWho knew chocolate could be this much fun? Okay, sure, we all love it enough to bathe in it daily, even gleefully tonguing off the tub ring, but did you ever imagine that a simple, yet nirvana-esque chocolate could take you to exotic realms of the imagination as yet untrampled? Catch a whiff of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, a creation so un-average that even the shapes defy expectations. The above-pictured Rooster Truffle is made with Italian taleggio cheese, organic walnuts, Tahitian vanilla beans, and bittersweet dark chocolate. Had that one before? Then maybe the Finocchio: wild Tuscan fennel pollen, Continue reading