Solar Glow

Solar Glow

At the end of Day 2 with two major contests decided and eight more continuously monitored, Georgia Tech is in Second Place! The houses will be closed today for intensive testing of all systems, and the winner of the lighting contest will be announced. GaTech’s translucent siding Continue reading

Solar Decath Hits USA Today

Solar Decath USA Today

USA TODAY, WASHINGTON — “As the last truck pulls away and the hardhats come off, 20 solar-powered houses built by university students and associates from around the world will open to the public Friday on the National Mall … Through Oct. 20, more than 100,000 people are expected to visit the houses that students from the USA, Canada, Germany and Spain have designed, constructed, transported and rebuilt for the competition….” Read more here.

Solar Never Sleeps

Jason on House

Work is in full swing on the Georgia Tech Solar Decathlon entry, with students on the job 24 hours daily until Friday. Witness the night owls that materialize each midnight, seduced into action by the lunar tides and the lure of the prize ($0), forsaking free meals (or even food), sleep, sex, handshakes, and any chance to learn foreign cuss words from Team Spain. The solar panels are in place. One dead or dying; thanks muchly for the spare.

Ga Tech Solar Buzz, the Video

Just found this awesomely Oscar-worthy video prominently featuring Georgia Tech’s Hugh-Grant-meets-Einstein equivalent. How could all three student team managers have “J” names, and two of them happen to be Jasons? Must have been 1982 . . . . Mine is the one in the bright green shirt that reads “Architecture Sucks.” Gotta love him. Hope he doesn’t see this (ducks).

Georgia Tech Solar Decathlon

Solar Decath on the Move

The Georgia Institute of Technology’s entry to Solar Decathlon 2007 arrives on the mall in DC at midnight. An initial team of 15 students is already in place, cramming carbs and sleep bytes in preparation for the intense leveling effort that begins as soon as the semi wheels touch grass. Continue reading