Mosaic on the Move: Shipping

Bubble Wrap Pants“Which way do the bubbles go?” she asks. Click here for a cute read on Protecting Your Package. Still worried? Airfloat Masterpack is a Very Strong Box with egg crate cushioning sized to your exact specifications, specifically designed for moving irreplaceable art from one location to the next. The only downside is that you can’t pop the egg crates for a satisfying BANG when you’re peeved at a loved one. Nor are the pants as cute.

2007 Orsoni Prizes

Lynne Chinn Winged GeodeWinged Geode by SAMA member Lynne Chinn was a finalist for Orsoni Prize 2007: International Award for Mosaic Fine Art. This magnificent piece measures 9” high x 29-1/2” wide x 13” deep, and is made with smalti, 24k gold smalti, 24k colored gold, transparent smalti, piastrini, smashed smalti pizza, and vitreous glass, no grout. This giant-seed-pod of a mosaic is fantastically conceived and so texturally executed that it spins my brain. Thank you, thank you, thank you Lynne! Detail shots are here, and click here to see all the Orsoni finalists.