Bring on the Lovelies

We’re all suckers for a pretty face, and this spring has worn one of the prettiest ever. Baboo and I combine our (mostly) compatible styles  (I like to buy and place; he likes to buy and dig), and there’s nothing like sipping on the porch engulfed in the glorious scents of the season. Spring, I’ve loved you more than I can say. Summer, bring it on!

Marian Shapiro’s Field of Dreams

Marian Shapiro Field of Dreams

Steely cold in Charlotte, forecasts for five days of rat-wet rain in Miami, newly-planted palms shriveling on the porches, bikinis in iminent danger of being tossed from suitcases to allow room for more smalti and perhaps the far more practical Gryphon Grinder, where can I find even the tiniest hint of spring on this 30th day of March, wholly bereft of bunny clouds and beckoning starflowers? Continue reading