On My Walk: Six Sisters

Six SistersWhen I was younger with kids at home, there were days when the heat of South Carolina, which normally just lay on you like a suffocating stillness, took a turn. When I sensed the change I’d grab them both and we’d walk and run and skip to the end of the street across from the bay. Though we couldn’t feel it six houses away, some force in that spot gathered up the breezes from the water and spun them by their tails, and we’d stand with our faces upturned and our arms stretched wide so that as much of our bodies as possible could catch that magic and let it run right through us in an unexpected gift of renewal.

I spotted these six sisters on a walk yesterday. They’re watching and pulling for us, and I’m pulling for them too.

3 thoughts on “On My Walk: Six Sisters

  1. My eyes aren’t what they used to be, not much of me is for that matter, but I would say it looks like you were walking in the company of six Sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) beauties. Had one in the neighbor’s backyard as a child, but haven’t seen one since I left NC in the 1980’s – not too common in these parts. Their northern range does extend into the Southern Tier of NY, so it is possible to find them here in N. PA., I just haven’t as far as I can recall. I think I might do something about that — track down some seed and see about getting a few going on my property here. Anyway, it’s good to hear from you; to read your thoughts and share in your message of hope. Stay well. E


    • Only a forester would grow a tree from seed — can’t tell you how happy this image makes me. We’re good in Charlotte and I hope you are!


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