It’s a Party!

Setting up for a virtual book release party and having so much fun.

How much food should I make? What’s the happy lighting medium between sultry cocktail party and glaring spotlights on the books? Should I gab or go for “mysterious?” Is there enough virtual parking? Is there a God? Will she be coming? Should I spike the punch for sales and then drive everyone home myself? But, you know, in the backseat behind a divider and wearing masks. But seriously, what color should I paint my nails?

TOF Book Release Party Shot

5 thoughts on “It’s a Party!

  1. I’ll be disappointed if you don’t gab. Personally not a believer, but if there is a god, I would want “her” to be there. As for the nails, while I prefer them as nature provided, in this case, I think you should go with the orange, yellow, and peach from the cover art. The book, by the way, was a great read though I felt a bit sad at times learning of some of the pain that Jenny had to bear. Always felt that she was in complete control and immune to the everyday angst that us mere mortals found to bog us down. However I was glad to find out that things worked out in the end. Looking forward to more from you, Thanks!

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    • Is anyone immune? So much angst. I do like the orange, yellow and peach nail idea — might give me something fun to focus on while I nervously wait for reviews. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts.

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