Well Hello There!

It’s been a while and, honestly, quite a bit more than a while. It’s been a good busy, a hectic busy, a screaming into the pillows busy, a glorious busy, an explorative and enriching busy. But I feel like I’m at the edge of a new day, and I’m feeling more capable of grasping it than I anticipated.

Life changes haven’t always been my favorite thing. I’m one of those who stands on the precipice with gritted teeth and eyes squinting. I take baby steps. Achingly scream-worthy baby steps, and that’s okay. The slower you go, the more you examine yourself and your reluctance, the stronger you become. It’s what we all want, yes?

But somehow I’m okay with this change, and here’s the thing.

I thought I’d fall apart, and I got stronger instead. I saw the situation and merged pretty seamlessly into a mode I never thought I’d face.

Life is like this. As the man said, “you just might find you get what you need.”

5 thoughts on “Well Hello There!

  1. Yes, change is scary and stressful and makes your heart beat faster, but it can be positive and exciting and what you need at this time of your life.

    We have taken a leap of faith by selling our home of 20 years, giving away half of the contents, selling our RV travel machine which has taken us on adventures and are moving into a retirement community. They will cook for us, clean and maintain our new home for us, entertain us, and help us with health issues. We will have a community of PLUs ( people like us) and live in luxury 10 minutes from the beach.

    Change can be very good. You just have to do it and find the positives.

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