An Armful of Days

I don’t have cancer.

Not uterine cancer anyway, or at least not on this beautiful day in a (momentarily) beautiful world. It feels so very, very good. I do know how lucky I am.

And here’s how the news has affected me:

I’m suddenly doing all the things I’ve put off. All of them, with glee and abandon. It feels so very, very good.

I’m smiling more and worrying less, visiting those I’ve missed, creating, loving, talking. It’s a very good place to be. A very good place to create. A very good place to make jubilant new plans.

Why does it take an ISSUE to jump start us? Are we tired, depressed, discouraged, tired? Did I say tired?

I get it, especially the exhaustion, BUT it comes and goes, does it not? And when it goes, and we’re suddenly energetic again, do we choose to dive in with gusto? Or do we hang about?

I think I need to tape this to my bathroom mirror. And maybe to the kitchen window. And slathered across the front door.

I’m not sure why we forget to live sometimes, but it will be quite a while before I forget again.

And when my armful of days runs a bit ragged, I’ll be grabbing the next one.

Lots of love to all.

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