The “Why”

The “Why” is that I used to be a prolific writer, and one day I stopped.

In a class once, we were asked to assign a quote to each member of our group. A lovely woman of 80, beautifully black and born on Christmas Day in Coastal South Carolina, handed me a slip of paper that read, “Pam: Don’t hide your light under a bushel.”

I want to write again. And today feels like the day.

3 thoughts on “The “Why”

  1. …that was the reference…but specifically I meant it as a call to arms–to keep writing and speaking up.

    The Fifties essay seems publishable–I think it would strike a chord in many women, but I can’t think of a publication that would accept its content… which makes me think there ought to be such a magazine, with target audience of women 40-60 interested in essays, arts, short stories with more of an edge. (Limited decorating articles, please.) It could be called “Rage”.


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